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How to Stop a Habit Blocking You From Succeeding

I woke today with a lot energy, and to my surprise i didn't  even drag myself out of bed as before, I took 2 glasses of  water, then, I run around the estate while listening to a pod cast about stopping a certain habit, it really made me jump because the information was coming out very powerful and touching, one thing I learn is that once you condition yourself to a certain habit it is very difficult to stop it and you will promise yourself to stop but at the end you will always repeat the same, for example  I wanted to stop the habit of spending any extra money I got on buying anything I found in the supermarket and stores provided the cash was in my pocket.

I recognized this was a big problem I had and I had to look for a way to stop it because if I continued like this I might not get anywhere, so what I started doing is that I would go and withdraw let say Kshs 2000(currency in Kenya but in dollars is around $30) to me at that time that was a large amount of money, so I would keep it in my pocket and walk with it, not necessarily wanting to buy something or that. So I would discipline myself In that I would not buy anything and if the money got low I would go back and withdraw more, so what I was conditioning myself here is that I get used to carrying large amount of money, so that I don't spend when I got them, I kept on adding more money and try it for a whole month until I would get used to it.


It is said that I takes 21 days to form a habit but I propose we push our self to 30 days because it is easy to figure out if something don't work you can drop and start a new in the next 30days again. What we need to do is to look at our lives and see if there are certain habit which are making us not to move healthwise, financially, career wise and work on them because they can be costly at long last of we don't stop them, so for us to develop holistically meaning the soul, mind and the spirit we need to work on ourselves.

Back to my example above , once I got used to carrying large amount of money. I started figuring how do I start saving because my habit was I spend all the money I had then start looking for some and within that period I would feel down,demotivated and such like but once I overcame the spending habit, I said now it is easy I can develop a new habit of saving. Immediately I started saving Ksh 10(0.14 dollars) per day, which once it accumulate for a whole month I would deposit it the bank in the account I call fortress account. After a month I would double the amount to 20 (0.28 dollars) shillings then the next month 40 shillings after a while I found it easy to save 500(7.1 dollars) shillings a day in which if you asked me to save at first it would have been a big problem. The thing is to search for something you want to stop and make and start small. Finally you will reap the reward, start now with whatever you ,don't wait for the right time, it is today, tomorrow is not there it is only a projection in your mind for more check at live consciously. Com

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