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Create Your Success Story In 6 Easy Steps

Every success story starts as an idea.
All big things were ideas first, before they become a reality.
Our brain is like an electrical power station and thoughts are like electric impulses that feed our creativity.
We have no clue how much power and potential We have in our brain.
Before you start your success story, you have to decide what you want.
You have to have a very clear vision of your desires.
Step 1: Write down some specific things you want to achieve.
If you want more money, write down the exact amount of money you want to earn.
Step 2: In this step you have to decide what you intend to give in return for the amount of money you desire.
You know there is no such thing as something for nothing.
Again, be specific what you will give for the good that you desire.
Step 3: Write down the definite date when you will get the money.
When you set a goal you have to put a time limit on it.
Think about how long will this take you.
It's important not to give yourself an enormous amount of time.
Give it six months or a year maximum.
If you don't achieve it.
Give yourself an extension.
Step 4: In this step you will create a plan how you will achieve your goal.
It is important that you begin at once.
Taking action is very important.
You gotta put the energy out for universe to send it right back to you.
What can you do today to get the good that you desire.
Step 5: In the fifth step is the time to regroup.
This step is the composite of the first four steps.
You have your four steps written down on a sheet of pepper.
Read it every day.
The repetition brings you closer to success.
For a habit and read your goal every day.
Put it on a wall somewhere you can see it every day.
Step 6: This will work for anything, not just money.
In this step you have to back your goal with emotion.
Read your goal twice a day.
When you wake up and before you go to sleep.
While you are reading it, see yourself already in the possession of the money.
It is important that everything is in the present tense.
You have to believe you can do it, because this will put you in the right positive vibration.
I know it is very hard to develop faith in yourself.
You will believe in yourself if you do this every.
Like I said before, repetition brings you closer to success, and it will also help you to believe in yourself.
People who don't make it, are the people who don't do it every day.
They get lazy.
Don't be lazy, take action.

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