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How Can I Love Myself?

Nearly everyone has been told that loving themselves is bad and is simply shellfish behavior.
But think about it, if you always put someone else first, where would you be? Have you been able to love yourself so far? What you have to now start asking yourself is 'How can I love myself.
' Deficiency of self love can create stress, for yourself and also for your relationships as well.
It is harmful for your health and for people around you.
You may feel sorrow, anger and remorse, because whatever love you give to others has not been reciprocated.
These are daily life emotions faced by people who lack the self love.
Due to such a lack of self love, you might feel frightened because you have still not been able to attain your achievements.
At the same time, you might remain bitter and angry as you do not love the life you are living.
You should learn how to love yourself unconditionally if you are experiencing any of the above feelings most of the time.
To learn how to love yourself unconditionally start with some very simple yet productive activities to start loving yourself.
The first most important fact involves looking at yourself in a mirror and saying "I love myself".
Start your day by saying that standing in front of the mirror.
Try to be calm and relaxed and have a happy deposition before starting your day.
Journal writing about happy moments of your life is also a very helpful step.
Think about all positive and good things that have happened to you during the day and put them down on a diary.
Read it often at night so that you can be reminded of all the good times during the day.
Also, make a list of all bad thoughts and perceptions you have about yourself.
After doing this think of ways to change these ideas and perceptions of yourself into favorable ones.
Ask yourself 'How can I love myself.
' Make a positive "To Do" list, keep it somewhere near you and before starting your day while you are saying to yourself "I love myself", and go through this list.
It will help you avoid the negative things and it will make your outlook positive.
These methods are good for a start.
These simple tricks will help you realize the cause of loving yourself.
At the same time, you will understand the grandness of self worth.
You will also come to know the various things that prevent you from loving yourself.
Always remember that we are here to love ourselves as well as we love others.
We can love others genuinely only if we love ourselves first.
Be true to yourself before you can start being true to others.
Learning how to love yourself first is the starting point for achieving this goal.
It is not that bad to concentrate on yourself.
Move forward as you do not have to deal with the past anymore.
And start loving yourself.

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