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5 Best Ways to Use Mandala Coloring Books

Mandala colouring books are for fun, for meditation and even for colour therapy.
The fun part - you can only do it right! The designs are made for colouring in, however you like, whatever way pleases you.
You can colour inside the lines, outside the lines or both.
You choose the colours and the mandala patterns.
Mandala colouring is also a great tool for meditation.
How to use a mandala for meditating: a.
Select the mandala that calls to you.
Select the colours that resonate with this pattern today.
Joyfully, begin to add colour to the paper.
Fill the spaces on the mandala pages with colour and shapes, lines and dots, perhaps even words.
Stay completely present to the process.
Just this colour.
Just this space.
Just this moment.
Masculine style mandala colouring meditation is an active search for the point of wholeness, of nothingness.
Immerse yourself in the pattern, leaving the noise of the day to day behind you as you focus ever more pointedly on each stroke.
Your release will be in the completion.
Feminine style mandala colouring meditation is a joyful celebration of the abundance of our world.
Fill your vision with colour.
Delight in the caress of your pen on the paper.
Your fulfilment will be in the process.
Another choice you can make is to dedicate a particular mandala to the consideration of a particular relationship for example - your mother.
Then go about mindfully colouring it in, as you consider every aspect of the relationship.
You can find compassion, forgiveness, understanding and may discover a new way to celebrate the relationship.
Imagine what a fabulous gift such a coloured in mandala would make.
Mandalas are also a useful tool for colour therapy.
If a particular chakra needs energy you can choose its' colour and fill the entire mandala with shades and values of that colour.
Keeping the mandala someplace visible will help you to focus on the energies you want to nurture.
Most importantly, mandalas are a wonderful way to enjoy colour and quiet doodling for pleasure.
Beware, they are addictive.
Karen, The Doodle Queen, has been doodling for over forty years and has recently turned her artistic skills to creating mandalas from doodles.
These are wilder and more fantastic than the regular mandalas out there.
Her latest book of mandala colouring in is available at Amazon.
com Look for Zendoodles, Mandala Coloring Challenge 1.
It is the first of the Challenger Series - mandala colouring that is not for wimps!

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