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Seek And You Shall Find Is Not Just A Christian Saying, But Real All Over

All we have to do is seek what we want in the most genuine sense.
It is like planting a seed and watching it grow.
Only the mind is much more mysterious and powerful than the seed or the land.
The Christian holy books and every other holy book in some form says in any language you want in some form, "seek and you shall find".
That is the reality of the situation, seek in that genuinely individual way and you shall find what you want.
What I mean by "that individual way" si that every consciousness is unique like a snowflake or each individual plant that grows in the world.
People are individual like that even if there are the same basic parts there.
Life and existence are only meaningful when we can seek in that way, for "one size does not fit all" in that sense, without matter to how much we want it all to fit that way or life is as good and meaningful as we make it for ourselves.
I end that short paragraph there, but now to explain exactly what I mean by that statement: Sure I begin this article with "all we have to do", but it is not that simple.
If it was that simple, then we would not have to do anything but be "normal" and that is it.
Now, we all know that there is not any such thing as "normal" and "one size fits all" in that sense even with the existence of the concept of normality.
It is all what we make it for ourselves, and the more outside of the normal we get and better than the normal, the better it is in reality.
For example: what I mean by better basically is having individual goals for a starting concept and ending with full and decisive action and fulfillment on those goals.
In a genuine way, we all must come up with our own goals, but the setting and achievement of them is done by selling ourselves and everyone else on our goals in a real and genuine way after we come up with them to create what we genuinely want.
Seek and you shall find is true and real in all things that pertain to individual goals in life then, is it not? You have to answer the question that ended the last paragraph for yourself, but I can tell you, we all have a logical answer to that question in reality even if we do have to seek and find it for ourselves.
Within that last sentence is that universal defining reality that works for all who work it.

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