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Achieving Divine Feminine Success In A Masculine World

As I talk to clients this month about their aspirations for the New Year, I am reminded of how crucial life balance really is.
Particularly balancing the masculine way of getting things done with feminine energies.
Complimenting the masculine way of getting things done (running life by our calendars, deadlines and 12 hour work days) with a strong dose of feminine energies (listening to our intuition, connecting from the heart, nurturing ourselves) creates a strong personal foundation.
I mean how can we possibly expect to achieve great results - in any area of life - if we do not first have a strong personal foundation? Don't you agree? This idea life balance prompted a trip to see a raw food health coach near my office because my intuition was telling me I needed to go back to a raw food dominant diet.
I know human nature and I know myself, which is why I wanted to enroll the help of an expert to keep me motivated.
As I approach the New Year with my big hairy goals, I want accountability in getting back on track with a healthy (raw food) diet because I know that a strong, healthy body will help me maintain life balance, providing the constant energy I need for sustained performance.
This year, I want to approach my goals with grace and ease, the feminine way.
I refuse to let my business run me.
I refuse to succumb to an endless (and sometimes insurmountable) list of things to do.
I refuse to let the masculine way of getting things done in this frantic world run me into the ground.
I refuse to let my calendar dictate my daily life.
Not this year.
This year I will honor my femininity and invoke more creativity, inspiration and grace.
And yes, I will achieve my success without running myself ragged.
When I slow down to a pace that honors the needs of my body, mind and spirit, I am more inspired and creative.
And so much more productive.
To that end, here is what I'm being a stand for in the New Year:
  1. Honor my body by feeding it a predominantly raw food diet.
    For the last week, I have been enjoying my daily green smoothies again.
    I forgot how much energy I get just from having a green smoothie for breakfast.
    It's truly amazing! I'm also having a green juice later in the day as well as raw cacao, fruit and raw nuts.
    Enjoying a daily green smoothie means I'm getting so much nutrition in just one glass: spirulina, maca powder, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, spinach, parsley, and green apples.
  2. Honor my mind by starting my day with meditation and journaling.
    When I honor this practice on a daily basis, my intuition is keener than when I do not.
  3. Honor my spirituality by praying and reading God's word, which builds my faith.
    Faith moves mountains.
    And in order to move mountains in my life with grace and ease, I need faith in a higher power because I know I cannot do it alone.
    My higher power happens to be God.
    And with God all things are possible.
    (Luke 1:37)
These habits of self-care will provide the strong personal foundation I need to achieve my goals without burnout and without losing myself in the process.
Success without my health - body, mind and spirit - is meaningless.
God put me on this earth as a woman for a purpose.
To glorify Him with my femininity, gifts and talents.
To serve and bless others as a woman.
But He did not mean for be to burn out in the process by pursuing my goals implementing masculine oriented activities, while ignoring my femininity.
Self-care and life balance are my responsibilities to myself, and to God.
Honoring my femininity is my prayer to God.
In what ways do you want to honor your femininity this New Year?

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