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Why Not To Be Afraid Of Failure and Rejection

Why is it that most people seem to be so afraid of failing and being rejected? Being afraid to fail include various things like whether you do not land the job you wanted, or not trying a new project, not taking the leap to ask someone out, or not having the courage to ask your boss for a well-deserved raise, and the list goes on.
Why are we so afraid of not getting the response or outcome we would like to have? Think about how well you know yourself, then, ask yourself these two questions:
  1. What is my honest and objective opinion about myself?
  2. Who am I without all the different masks?
Do not feel bad, all of us have masks.
We have been conditioned to have masks since birth.
What you think of yourself is the most important aspect, which will help you when you think you are experiencing failure and rejection.
What most people are really afraid of, is not knowing how to handle how they feel when they think they are failing or being rejected.
By no means, do not deny what or how you feel when it happens, acknowledge the emotion, however, this is where, how well you know yourself comes in to play.
A feeling is a feeling, until you react to it.
So before you start being hard on yourself, first stop and consider what you think of yourself under normal circumstances, and then see if you are more understanding of yourself before you start criticising.
The only opinion about yourself that really matters is the one you have about yourself.
Why are other's opinions, what they think of us, so much more important than our own? When you really get to know yourself, you really will start loving yourself.
So next time you feel that you have failed at something or have been rejected, how you react or respond to it can change your life for the better.
Here are some important things to remember:
  1. Take Action - This is probably the most important advice that I can give you.
    I can't stress this enough because taking action is going to produce you the results and move you closer to your goals.
    Thinking too much and waiting for everything to be perfect is the worst thing that you could ever do.
  2. Don't Be Afraid of Failures - Know who you are without the masks.
    Everybody cannot be the best at everything, so when you do not do that well, pat yourself on the back for having the courage to have tried.
    It is a very important part of the learning process and it's applicable to everyday life.
    Do not take it personal and beat yourself up, you sometimes need failures because it will tell you the things that are not working so you can make some adjustments to make it better.
    Without the mistakes and the failures, you'll never learn to improve yourself.
  3. Focus On Giving Value - Whatever you do, always give your best.
    So if something does not work out for you, you would have the comfort of knowing you have done your best and if your best was not good enough for that particular thing or project, then you would have the choice to consider what you could do better or different next time, if you want to.
    That is right, if you want to.
    Knowing you have a choice, puts the power back in your court, that also gives a great feeling of comfort and satisfaction, with a renewed spirit that it was your choice to give it another go.
Above all just have some fun and enjoy what you're doing.
When you enjoy what you are doing and you know yourself, you would not have to try that hard.
So take off the masks, know yourself and be yourself and offer that to the world.
Being able to be yourself is the best gift you can give yourself anyway.

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