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Roald Dahl - The Master Writer

Roald Dahl was a well-known British writer and kids book writer. He was born in Wales on September 13th 1916, to Norwegian parents. He was a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force during Second World War, but rose to fame during 1940's with his writing for kids and adults. He had developed into amongst the world's best selling novelist, with works like The witches, The Big Friendly Giant, James and Giant Peach, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

"A Piece of Cake" was the first work in print by Dahl. It was a narrative recounting his war time adventures. The foremost novel for kids printed by him was "The Gremlins" also it says about minute creatures that were part of the Royal Air Force Folktale. Dahl's works were characteristic and can't be easily compared to any type of youngsters's books. This is especially due to grounds of the fact that themes of his creativity were his real life experience. His childhood experiences, sorrow with the boarding school environment, passing away of his father and sister are few facts that lit up his imagination. Roald Dahl books are mainly named modern fairy tales.

Of the works written by him Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the one which still rest as children's favorite for many years. It says about a normal boy Charlie Bucket. Charlie resides close to the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka and to go to that factory he gained an exclusive golden ticket. Problems and funny incidents turn out with the tour. There are 4 rooms, the chocolate room, inventing room, nut room and the television room, each with its own domain. This work displays how of course the author understands kids and their feelings.

Matilda is an additional leading and extensively read story of Dahl. It says the story of a vivid, good loving little girl named Matilda. Her parents are not fascinated with her passion and think it as a nuisance. This made her irritated and she decided to give a punishment to them. But to her wonder, she discovers that she own supernatural power. Using this power she decided to deal her parents and the headmistress in her university, whom she scared most. This certain book won the Children's book award and became the best selling book of Dahl.

One more classic work by the writer is "James and the Giant Peach". It says the tale of a 9 year old orphan boy, who is forced to live with his greedy aunts. He all the time dreams of going New York, where his believes all his desires will come true. One day he met an aged man who offers him a magic bag having glowing crocodiles. On spilling them on a barren peach tree, a peach appears on branch with a tunnel inside. The boy sees numerous wonderful creatures that help him in his expedition. In this work Dahl used realism and humor to make the hardback a more interesting one.

Another book of Roald Dahl is "The Witches" which was reviewed by the general public as intelligent, humorous and satisfying story. This work has revealed the author as the master if improbable. His children's books and perhaps books for adults even have made him the favorite at that time. 'Sometimes Never: A Fable for Supermen', 'My Uncle Oswald', 'Someone like You', and 'Lamb to Slaughter' are examples of his serious works. Ronald Dahl died while in the year 1990, yet his fame and legacy still continues as the most impressive novelist.

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