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Sex, Love and Mid Life Crisis Or Shut Up and Have a Drink!

Somehow, I spend a lot of time talking to many people about life.
No, I'm not an expert at any one thing but I'm a listener and if asked, an opinion giver.
Within my circle of friends and patrons I find myself surrounded by people from 35+ years old.
Most of these people have gone through what I call the "What the hell happened" crew.
Almost all are talking about where they are at right now with their lives and how tripped out they are about the future.
There are so many questions about religion, love, sex, relationships, parenting and so on.
But what I noticed that tied them all into a single common bond was "what do I have to show for it all?" Finally, the one phrase that they ALL used was Mid Life Crisis.
After listening to all talking about their problems and correlating them with the term Mid Life Crisis, I decided to play into that and see if I too and some kind of issue to blame on this so called phase..
so here I go.
So in order to self diagnose things I had to take a look at my life and see how I felt about the "top" signs of Mid Life Crisis according to self help guru sites: oDiscontent With My Life Style - No things are real fun right now oHaving Doubts About Decision Making - I don't know J oAm I board with life? - Funny, sometimes I am but that just makes me find something cool do or try.
oThe meaning of my existence - That question gets answered every day I make someone laugh.
I guess I'm okay with this one.
oConfused about who I am - No this one is a good one.
Yes, at times I wonder about whom I am and the perception of me by others.
But when I get too soaked in the search for the answer, as simple as it sounds, I realize that I'm just me After doing hella-research on Mid Life Crisis, I've come to a crossroad between understanding that it's a "stop and pause" moment in ones life to reflect and a reality that I'm half way to the end game if you know what I mean.
For that most would say I'm in a Mid Life Crisis but it does not seem to fit.
It's real odd yet fun.
Looking back on emotional trigger factors that brings me happiness and sadness, to me, my mid life crisis has become a Mid Life Reflection.
At this point in my life I have amassed enough memory to turn it into wisdom.
But what I will acknowledge is that a Mid Life Crisis is real to many and not to be ignored if one has real symptoms of depression.
I know that when writing articles that you should be some kind of expert in the subject matter but where I do come to bat is opening new doors of opportunity when I talk about Mid Life Reflections.
To me, Mid Life Reflections is a time to acknowledge the amount of ones wisdom gained by life and applying it to the future.
I'll expand on that later..

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