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Boldness, Commitment And Success!

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. - Goethe.

Do you ever wonder how it is that some people are able to take an idea and just run with it? How is it that they pull a thousand little things together to make one big idea work?

It all begins with boldness and commitment. Boldness requires that we take some risks. It means that we begin to act on belief, without all the facts. Boldness is the ability to withstand the ridicule or disbelief of others. Having boldness means having courage. And that means that you can step out on a journey, with the belief that you can do something, and know that when you do, things will begin to fall into place.

Commitment is the second part of the equation. Many people are able to make the decision to be bold and take risks, but not many are able to stick with the decision. With no follow through, there is only musing, an illusive thought. Without commitment, an idea will die in your mind.

What was your last idea that you put aside? Was it something that came to you in the small hours of the morning? Did you write it down, think on it, expand on the possibilities, dream of the results and then lose your nerve? Later did you see that someone had the same idea and acted upon it, and the idea grew into a huge business? How often have you lost your nerve, or after stepping out, lost the commitment to make it work?

Did you know that every time that you have an idea the law of probabilities says that 10 other people in North America have the same idea? The person who has the success with the idea is the person who acts upon it first and fastest. This requires boldness and commitment.

So how do you start? As Goethe say, Begin it. Take the first step. Write it down and consider all the possibilities. Take a walk and let the idea grow. Try to let it run away with you, go ahead and get caught up in the moment. Let the idea carry you away to a place you have never been. Let it work its magic on you. Could it be successful? Only the universe knows. You will never know unless you begin it!

Successful business people often try and fail. But without that trying, the boldness and commitment they would never succeed either. Do not be afraid of failure. Boldness has greatness in it. Embrace your fear head on. Remind yourself again and again, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Then make the commitment to do everything possible to make your risk pay off. When others see your daring, your boldness and your commitment to follow through their respect and belief in you also grows. And the universe will do her part to make ensure your success.

So go ahead! Be bold! Make the commitment and succeed!

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