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The Law of Attraction - How Does it Really Work?

Once you know how the Law of Attraction works, you will have the life that you've always dreamed of.
Both the vibrations of the universe and your thoughts emitted to the universe are what is responsible for creating energy.
If you are sending out negative vibrations this is what you are sending to the entire universe and ultimately what you will get back.
If you send positive energy out into the universe, it will reciprocate by sending even more positive energy back to you.
This is the way The Law of Attraction works.
At first you will find it difficult to go a whole day without thinking at least one negative thought.
However, with practice it can be done and this when you create a vibration shift with the universe and start attracting more positive things in your life.
Then you will see things in a new light, debt will no longer seem to be a burden.
You will realize that positive things are drawn into your life because of the positive energy you radiate.
Folks will begin to notice you have changed and they will be curious of what is happening.
Never let others bring your energy down; even if it unwittingly happens, you must recognize the situation and transform that negative vibe into positive, productive energy.
If you are continuously conscious of your thought processes this will aid you in maintaining a positive attitude.
Remember that thought vibrates throughout the universe and is what creates energy.
We have been taught by well meaning and hard working spiritual leaders that, I have recently come to hold some new views, even as they are still.
It's pretty amazing learning about the Law of Attraction from these little ...
I 've always felt that my children have taught me as much as I've taught them.
There have been boatloads of complaints and questions about why the Law of Attraction "isn't working" or "doesn't work" or even "backfires" when applied in.
Christ taught the law of attraction to every one in the world! Children bring a great amount of wisdom with them when they join us here in this world.
The life lesson here is that we adult types tend to pass by opportunities for joy and exploration without even noticing them.
These opportunities are all around us all the time.
We just have to open our eyes and expand our perception.
Hanging around kids (even if you don't have your own) is a great way to do that.
People who are millionaires often hit this mark late in their life.
It is common for people to reach the million milestone after they turn fifty.
As a person gets older, he or she, starts to have a different outlook on life and begins to look for the reasons that they have failed to achieve all of the things that they had dreamed of.
As we age, we think differently and want to discover the reasons why we lack certain achievements or successes.
This happens when they encounter and experience the Law of Attraction.
Some people begin to think that they have run out of options and have nothing to lose.
That's the vibrational shift by it self.
If you leave everything to the universe, the universe will provide.
They have handed over to the universe to provide and they are no longer worrying about it, they have just taken the first step.

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