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Self-Defense and How to Truly Be Prepared

By now we realize that self-defense is not just another legal term used in court, but one of our basic human rights. If somebody puts you or another person in danger you can use physical force to resolve the situation and protect lives. But how can one be truly prepared for a dangerous situation that requires the use of force and self-defense? Does this require us to spend hundreds of dollars on various equipment or does it just require training and hard work?

The answer lies somewhere in the middle, although it doesn't have to be as difficult as it might appear at first. To perform proper self-defense you are required to stay fit and learn how to fight, but you should also consider owning personal protection devices. While your own body is always the last line of defense, sometimes a bottle of pepper spray can prevent needless violence and help resolve a situation into your advantage instantly.

Prepare Your Body and Mind

You need to stay fit in order for your body to be prepared for the worst. There are various dangerous (and survival) situations where you will need to be physically fit in order to defend yourself. This requires training on a daily basis, but you don't have to invest thousands of dollars in sport equipment and the gym. If you are a hard-working person who has bills and rent to pay, then you might not have the time or money to workout at the gym for hours. However, a good diet plan and some regular exercise and jogging will help you stay at the top of your game. The results won't be visible instantly but you will gradually feel better about yourself and more physically stronger and prepared.

Along with preparing your body, you must also prepare your mind. This is where a lot of people fail because they never really thought about it or thought that it was important. Being mentally prepared means that you need to know what you are prepared to do in order to defend yourself. Taking a martial arts course can help you with this step as it will teach you now to lose your temper and always stay cool no matter what is happening.

Self-defense Products

Another very important thing is to own some self-defense products. These devices can greatly help you as they provide you with the ability to defend yourself in a way which is not possible with just your physical strength. Ladies prefer pepper spray as the product of choice as it allows them to defend themselves from a distance without allowing an attacker to reach them. Stun guns are another commercial product for personal protection as their high voltage can instantly disable an attacker for long enough for you to take control of the situation. Finally, if you budget allows you to make a bigger investment, you can go for a Taser C2 device, which is a very powerful device. It can disable targets from a distance, but also be used in touch-stun mode as if it were a stun gun.

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