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Cup of Hope - Amazing Faith

On Monday night, April 9th, around 11 pm, I was awakened by the sound of someone yelling and crying and beating on the door.
Alarmed, I woke up Robert then ran to the door to find my little sister Faith standing there in her pajamas crying, "The house is on fire!" My stomach sank to my toes.
"Where are the kids?" I asked Faith.
"They're in the car," she replied.
"James in still in the house!" I ran back inside and told Robert to hurry, that Faith's house was on fire.
Faith's four-year-old son, Dylan got out of the car and came towards where we stood in the driveway.
His entire body shook as he tried to tell me that his house was on fire.
I ran inside and grabbed a blanket to wrap around him, then brought him and Faith's baby, Katie into the house.
I went back outside to where Faith stood sobbing in the driveway.
We watched as the billowing smoke erupted into flames.
I wrapped my arms around Faith and did the only thing I knew to do--pray.
As I prayed, so did Faith.
"Thank You Jesus, because I know You know what's best," she prayed.
There Faith stood, no shoes on her feet, only pajamas on, watching her house go up in flames, and thanking God.
A little bit later Faith wanted to go make sure James was okay, so we got in her car and I drove us across the road to her house.
Two fire trucks, an ambulance and countless cars lined the small road.
We located James and the EMT checked all four family members vitals to ensure that none of them had suffered from smoke inhalation.
Standing in the drive, watching the firemen put out the last bit of flames, I heard Faith say to someone, "The devil is so stupid.
He has tried every way possible to get to me.
You'd think he'd have learned his lesson by now that I will NEVER turn my back on God.
" I felt an awesome power of God that night.
I watched my little sister lose absolutely everything she had in that fire, yet her faith in God held her steady and strong through it all.
She never once wavered, or asked God 'why?' She simply stood.
It was almost as if I could see invisible roots, wrapped around the foot of the Cross, that held Faith up that night.
I desire faith like that.
I want my faith to be so rooted and grounded in Christ that nothing on this earth can ever shake my foundation or faith in God.
I want to be so close to God that I trust in His will, whatever that may be.
It's so easy to get mad at God when things don't go our way.
It's easy to throw up our hands and walk away when the going gets rough.
But God promises us in His word that He will never leave us, nor forsake us.
So no matter what trials we face, or what problems we have to work through, we have the assurance that God is right there beside us, carrying us, holding our hand through it all.

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