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The Importance of Self-Management For Coaches

As coaches, we understand that the focus of the coach-coachee relationship is always on clients.
However, we are also human beings and there are times when being "neutral" and "holding back' can become too difficult.
Situations like that include: •Something in your client's story triggers your own memory and your mind drifts away, meaning you are not fully present.
•Client gets emotional about a certain subject (e.
the loss of a family member) and it has an emotional impact on you, too.
•You have been working on the same issue with the client for a very long time and you are getting bored or frustrated.
•Your own Gremlin is playing tricks with you and you don't believe you are any good at coaching.
•In most of the cases it can be simpler: you are not having a good day or you are tired.
In situations like that, the most important step is to be honest and acknowledge what is happening.
Depending on the seriousness of the issue, it is up to the coach to decide the following step.
One option is to share your feelings with the client, after you have asked for his agreement, of course.
Another option is to excuse yourself for a minute, walk out of the room (get off the phone) and re-gain your resourceful state.
In the worst scenario, you might ask to postpone the session for another time and carry the cost.
These recommendations might seem extreme but it is far more important for you as a professional to provide a 100% service to your client and be fully present than getting (for whatever reason) out of that state and putting your reputation at risk.
If, however you decide to continue with the session without any interruption, make sure you have suppressed your feelings immediately.
Shift them aside for the moment and direct your attention to the client.
Make sure you address your feelings later, because they were sending you a message which you should not ignore.
This "shifting" might not be easy in the beginning but over time and some practice it will become much smoother.

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