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Each Person Must Find His Own Nirvana

None of us can effectively serve more than one ruler.
In fact, before anyone can attempt to achieve any goal or vision, he must find his own Nirvana, or inner peace.
Everyone finds his own personal satisfaction from different activities, interests, achievements, or factors.
We must each recognize that there is no "one size fits all" situation, where we try to please others, but rather, we must first attempt to please our selves.
What that means to different individuals often varies dramatically from one person to another.
There are those that appear to find their personal Nirvana through a religious commitment.
That may to some mean a complete immersion in their religion, in practically all aspects.
Still others find that inner peace through studying certain aspects or teaching of the religion.
At the same, others enjoy the traditions and those are what resonates with them.
Still others find that feeling through taking a day for inner reflection and celebrating the Sabbath.
Religion does not have this effect on all of us.
There are many people who enjoy meditating and commit to a certain meditation time daily.
Yoga is the technique and life style that resonates for certain of us.
I have met many runners who claim that when they do their daily run, they experience their necessary and needed personal time, and it gives them a sense of exhilaration, relaxation, and freedom.
However, many people find running anything but relaxing, and detest that activity, and would never pursue it.
We all know some people who "need" to go the gym or health club regularly, because it permits them to be alone in their thoughts while expelling some of their excess and perhaps negative energy.
One of the reasons spas and health salons are so very popular is that many of its advocates experience a sense of relaxation and inner peace otherwise lacking to them.
How about people who none of these types of experience have that type of impact or effect on? How do they relax, find peace, and escape into their own personal Nirvana.
Reading is the safe haven to some, offering a combination of alone time, relaxation, inner sanctuary and calm.
One of the reasons that items like I-Pods and other MP3 players are so popular is somehow related to the "escape" offered by absorbing oneself in music.
Others only find that feeling watching television or going to the movies.
There are so many activities that I have just listed, and even more that I have not mentioned.
Whatever assists someone in striving towards some personal time of freedom, relaxation and peace, as long as it is not harmful either to himself or to others, may very well be personally essential.
Let us all strive for our own personal Nirvana.

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