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Public Speaking Hypnosis - The Simple Truth

Why is it that speaking in public is so hard for some and yet so easy for others? Public speaking is actually one of the easiest skills to learn and master, yet the majority of people have a severe fear of standing up in front of others and speaking or presenting ideas and information to them.
I have found through working with over 100 clients for confidence when speaking in public that the reason for the fear is centered around 3 major beliefs: They believe they don't have anything to say that is important, They feel inadequate about themselves when they compare themselves to others and therefore believe that others are more important than they are, and they believe they are unattractive.
These three negative, limiting beliefs are shared by the whole of humanity.
Doesn't It seem odd that we all share these beliefs regardless of the culture or generation to which we are born? The truth is, you probably do have something to say that is important and other people are interested in.
So why do we have this belief? Most often, it comes from our parents "children should be seen and not heard" mentality.
Even if the parent doesn't say this, if they discount everything the child has to say, they are still teaching the same lesson.
For those who compare themselves to others, stop it! As Maxwell Maltz wrote in the 1970's in his bestselling book Psycho-Cybernetics, "when you compare yourself to another, you always lose!" Seriously think about that.
You do always lose when you compare yourself with another.
So why do it? I went to art college after high-school for a couple semesters.
I took a couple life drawing classes.
Later in life I told my wife that all people are both equally attractive and unattractive.
She seriously doubted me, saying that I was wrong, but asked me to prove it.
I found a life drawing class in Atlanta and drug her to several of them just to prove my point.
When people are naked, they all look equally unattractive.
You can have an attractive member of the opposite sex standing completely naked in front of you and not be aroused because of the context of the situation.
What has this got to do with feeling unattractive? We see ourselves in a different context than others see us.
We see ourselves in poor lighting with no clothes on, and we are hyper critical of ourselves.
99% of humanity feels ugly and inferior.
We should know that deep down and see ourselves differently in this context.
When we do, we will feel much better about standing up in front of others.
Especially since we know they are going to compare you to them - and when they do, they will lose and you will look good in their eyes.
All you have to do is act confident and speak clearly.
Now, there are other belief systems that I have encountered which have caused the fear of public speaking in some clients, however these are the causes I encounter the most.
Some clients share all of these beliefs while others only resonate with one or two of these negative beliefs.
So the questions are, what physical response is created by these beliefs and can hypnosis help remove the fear and change these beliefs? Like all forms of fear, anxiety and panic are induced when confronted with a triggering experience.
For someone who is afraid of speaking in public, the fear may come on when they are preparing a speech days before the actual event, moments before the event, during the event, or even after the event.
What happens in the body is that the event triggers the fight or flight response in the brain which in turn releases a wave of chemicals including cortisol and adrenaline.
These chemicals cause the voice to shake, the heart to beat hard and fast, the palms of the hands to get sweaty and the blood pressure to rise or drop which causes a light-headed feeling.
When it is at its worst, the fear can cause a person to faint or vomit.
Hypnosis is very effective in helping someone completely overcome their fear of speaking in public by helping them either remove or change the negative, limiting beliefs; desensitizing them to speaking in front of people; and giving them the confidence they need to feel comfortable in front of others.
There are many techniques that can accomplish these goals and a skilled hypnotist can customize a plan for each person that will help them accomplish their goal of speaking in front of others without fear.
I must point out that most everyone will benefit by a standardized hypnotic process for overcoming their fear of public speaking, but a skilled hypnotist will be able to recognize the need to insert additional, adjunct therapies or techniques to assist their client to release the fear.
This is a client-centered approach and is different from a direct approach.
In the end, several different approaches are the best for the client and increase the success rate.
The good news is hypnosis is not only extremely effective for fear of public speaking and gaining confidence when speaking, it is also a brief therapy and only requires 6 - 9 sessions to achieve something that people can spend years in toastmasters trying to achieve.

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