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Don"t Be a Victim of Society - Take Charge!

No one is immune to the financial crisis in our country.
Even the very wealthy have seen its effects, (although on a different scale).
The difference between the everyday working family and the very wealthy is that the very wealthy view this crisis with a positive mindset.
Don't misunderstand me, reality is reality.
The concern of the wealthy is the stock market and the concern of the everyday family is the grocery market! However, we are all struggling to keep what we have.
It has become a nightly ritual in many homes to watch the evening news, hoping for positive news from the people that have promised us solutions.
We are afraid.
We want something to happen.
Well, it can and it will.
We each have what it takes to turn our situation around.
We don't have to wait for "them" out "there" to find the right formula that will get us back on track.
Several years ago, Rhonda Byrne's program, The Secret, hit the market and became a phenomenon.
Through her program we learned about the universal law of attraction.
Like the universal law of gravity, the law of attraction works all the time for everyone.
The universal law of gravity states, "what goes up must come down".
We don't have to do anything..
it just happens.
The universal law of attraction states, "what you think will become reality".
It doesn't matter what we do or don't do..
it just happens.
However! We can choose what we think.
With some investment of effort on our part, we can decide to think positive thoughts.
We can choose to rid our minds of negative thoughts.
Why do we want to do this? We want our lives to improve.
We want solutions to our problems.
The law of attraction states that our thoughts create our reality.
We trust strangers with our hard-earned money to invest.
We place our confidence in those we send to Washington to work on our behalf, and we take pride in our dedication to our jobs.
These all involve risk..
will my money investments grow and be safe? (Does Bernie Madoff ring a bell?).
Will my government representatives remain loyal to me or be influenced by the big money lobbyists? Will my dedication and hard work guarantee me job security? Why not invest in the one thing you KNOW you can control? The one thing you KNOW is a safe bet...
and therefore yields the highest return? YOURSELF.
Whether you believe it or not, the law of attraction affects your life.
So why not "risk" applying the effort to focus on only positive thoughts such as," I have more than enough money", "I will enjoy a secure retirement", or I am secure in my job.
" To minimize the "risk" you need confidence in yourself, be able to trust that the Universe, God, the Divine or whatever word you choose will respond to your positive thoughts, and you must believe that you are worthy of receiving what you desire to have in your life.
When you throw a ball straight up in the air, you don't wonder if it will come back down to you.
It will.
It works the same way with the law of attraction.
When you think positive thoughts and focus on what you do want in your life, it will happen.
Our business is in the construction field.
Many experts say that the decline in the economy is a direct result of the plummeting housing market.
We live in the state of Florida, a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.
We have witnessed many longstanding businesses in all areas of construction lay off hundreds of workers and close their doors in the last year.
We have close friends facing foreclosure and losing their jobs.
Every level of society feels the pressures and the problems and our community is no exception.
And yet, our business is thriving.
Our company continues to have a full work load and been able to avoid laying off our crew.
Why? We believe that it is a direct result of our decision a couple of years ago when we made the commitment to maintain a positive mindset.
Everyday we are grateful for everything we have.
We KNOW we will continue to have jobs come in and we will be successful regardless of what is happening around us...
and we are! Invest in yourself and the power of choice we each have within ourselves.
Your return will be immeasurable.
And then, pass this knowledge on to your children.
Educate them about the power they have within them to choose positive thoughts and the benefits they will receive in return!

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