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Want To Be More Confident? If You Are Truly Serious, Follow This Advice To Succeed

Anyone who feels like they have no confidence can tell you that life stinks when you don't stand up for yourself or take risks to get the things you want.
If you suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in yourself, you know this is true.
Imagine all the ways that not being confident impacts your life.
Think of the times that colleagues are jerks and you don't say anything because you don't want to rock the boat.
Think of the attractive people you wanted to talk to, but couldn't find the courage to say hi.
Think about the feeling of being trapped and hopelessness when you stay in a job or relationship that doesn't make you happy, but you're not convinced you can find anything better for yourself.
Now think about all the things that you will lose if you remain the way you are.
Maybe you'll never meet the love of your life because you were too afraid to talk to them.
Maybe you'll never get your dream job because you didn't think you could get hired.
Maybe you'll never move to the place you dream about because you're afraid of taking a chance.
Now imagine how things would be different if you had confidence in yourself.
Think of the amazingly hot dates you could go on if you just put yourself out there.
Think of how amazing it would be to demand a promotion and get it, because you're worth it.
Think of how awesome it would be to live a life of adventure because you can take chances and break out of the ordinary and humdrum.
If you're serious about getting confident and living the life you really want, you need to follow in the footsteps of someone who has been in your shoes and succeeded.
Someone who knows exactly the frustration and pain of not believing in yourself, but learned how to overcome that and gain the confidence to change your life.

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