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How to Sharpen Your Awareness Or Consciousness

Many times, we need to refine how we see our experiences-and we also need to sharpen how we "experience" our experience.
Like children, we can be able to see things as if they are still fresh and new to us.
Poets and geniuses alike of both science and art know how to see the world always in a way that is surprising, different, fresh and new.
You can begin to do this by sharpening your awareness or consciousness.
Now, we all have to outgrow our childhood.
But sadly, there are cases when we outgrow too much, and then we lose that childlike wonder or vision of the world and environment, including the people, all around us.
We have become so un-mindful because of the hassles of the harsh everyday of our daily human lives.
Luckily for us, we do not have dwell on routine-we can sharpen and expand our awareness.
How? We can begin with our senses-the five senses: touch, taste, smell, see and hear.
You can practice the senses by nurturing an environment that is conducive to developing the senses.
So for hearing, you can start by looking for positively uplifting music.
When the music plays, (assuming it is a song), listen for the background music, the tunes and the tones of the bass, and the harmony that accompanies the melody.
Apply aroma therapy.
Use essential oils.
Smell, and identify what are the different smells exuded by different combinations.
Taste fine food and wine.
Surround yourself with beautiful and colorful things.
Feel the texture of nature and art.
But we do not end for with our five senses.
We have what Plato the philosopher calls "the eye of the soul".
One of the ways to develop this eye of the soul is by cultivating and practicing "mindfulness".
You may have heard about mindfulness meditation-a meditation that clears your mind, but this is not exactly (although it is related) what is referred here.
Mindfulness means being full aware and conscious of the present moment (and even to the exclusion of the past and the future; of course, there are times for thinking about these).
But every now and then, have a time to take deep breaths, and simply focus on what is now-the now, the present moment, and develop a deep appreciation and reverence for all creation, nature and art.
In this way, you can see all in a new and fresh way.

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