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Money Magnetism - How to Bring Money Into Your Life

The secret to money magnetism is the secret behind a magnet.
A magnet has two capable effects on magnetic things, it either attracts them or repels them.
The same is true for people and money.
We either attract money into our lives or we repel money away from us.
We may not do this intentionally, in fact, often it is done subconsciously, but it is still something we are making happen.
You have the ability to attract money into your life if you follow 4 simple steps.
These steps will awaken your inner money magnetism and will help you to stop doing anything that you might be doing that is stopping you from receiving the money.
The money wants to come to you, money is naturally attracted to people, you just have to be the right kind of magnet to receive it.
To become that magnet you need to envision what you want, feel what it is like to have it, spend some money or time each month acting like you have the money and be grateful and celebrate each time anything of value comes into your life.
Step #1: Envision what you want This is where you define which kind of magnet you are going to be, the attracting kind or the repelling kind.
If money is attracted or repelled by you will be decided by the thoughts you have every day.
The key is to ensure that you are focused on attracting the money, not on repelling it.
We often subtly repel money with simple occasional thoughts like "I can't afford that".
When you have thoughts like that you are basically telling the world although I might want that and think I deserve that I cannot have it because the money is not coming my way for it.
You have to shift those thoughts.
You have to focus on what you want and think and believe you have it coming your way.
Go from "I can't afford it" to thinking "I can afford it and it is on my way".
Always know exactly what you want and know it is coming your way.
The more you are clear and specific about what you want the more successful you will be at attracting money to you.
Step #2: Feel what it is like to have it Once you are very clear on what you want and know it in specific detail it is time to start really emotionally experiencing what it would be like to have all that you have envisioned.
Money magnetism is not an intellectual affair, although it starts by intellectually understanding exactly what you want.
Magnetism is an emotional experience.
You have to emotionally understand what it is like to have everything you want in order to truly attract it to you.
Take time every day and use your list of what you envisioned having and experience at a deep emotional level what it is like having them.
It must be current and positive, you have to experience the feeling in the moment, not what it might feel like in the future.
Step #3: Spend some money or time each month acting like you have it This is actually one of the fun parts of money magnetism.
In step 2 we discussed emotionally feeling how it will be to have all you have envisioned.
In step 3 we actually get to experience what it is like having what you want.
This does not mean max out your credit card and buy the plasma screen TV.
It means taking no more than 10% of your monthly income and using it to treat yourself like a millionaire.
Fly first class on your next trip.
Go to a restaurant and order the "market price" fish without asking the price.
If money is tight order the market price entrée and split it with your significant other.
The idea is to act like money is no issue because you have more than you need.
Doing this trains you to being in all the money you need to live this way all the time, not just once a month.
Step #4: Celebrate each time you get anything that leads you to your goal When you are grateful and thankful for things you get more of them.
So be sure to celebrate every time you get anything that is an example of your attracting money to you.
This can be finding money in the street, getting an unexpected check in the mail, getting a bonus at work, or any other money coming into your life.
This also includes the current money you have coming to you like paychecks, etc, these need to be celebrated and thanked just as much as new money.
Don't forget that anytime you save money, use a coupon, get an unexpected discount, etc you are actually attracting money to you.
Celebrate and be grateful for these as well.
If you actively put these 4 steps into effect you will start to enhance the power of your money magnetism and see more money coming your way.
You will be amazing by the power that these simple 4 steps can have in changing your life.

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