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Handling Stress The Smart Way in 4 Ways - Before It"s Too Much

I know we have been pressured so much in our work and our source of living.
In our life there is always something or someone who really puts pressure on us that our brain seems to be overloaded by this things.
Most of the time our boss is breathing on our neck and bothering us always all the time to finish the paper works to be done and we have not finished the paperwork that he has given us.
We encounter people who really just wanted to make our life miserable.
Every time our brain absorbs so much of this that our mind is to overloaded.
If our mind cannot take it.
Our mind tends to stop and just brings us back to the same old thing.
I know these things for I have been one of those instances, that I just burst out.
Something that is not me.
Something different who is not me.
Because I was too much stress and I did not know how to handle it.
These are some of the things that will reduces stress.
First is exercise.
With exercise there are so many bad diseases that it will protect you from.
It will strengthen your muscle and lower the blood pressure and it will improve the blood flow, which will improve your mood and handle stress.
Second is Comfort Food.
Well there are so many comfort foods out there that you intake that it will improve your blood flow and also improve your mood.
One of the most basic type of comfort food is chocolate which releases endorphins to your brain that changes your mood.
Also vitamins that has these criteria.
Third is Therapy.
You could go for a spa in a massage with the combination for aroma therapy.
This will relaxes your whole body, release blood tensions and increase blood circulation.
The aroma therapy will give a relaxation feeling.
It tells your brain to relax also.
Fourth is Subliminal Audio.
This is the most important thing to do first that will let the first and the second and third that will really work for you.
Subliminal audio is messages that give our subconscious mind to rewrite our patterns or our behaviors.
This audio will help strengthen and develop in ways which would not be possible with the conscious development alone.
So it would be a great help.
This audio you could listen while you are asleep but it will penetrate deep in your subconscious mind to achieve and help the brain to change in mood and pattern of behavior.
This audio even has focused on handling stress.

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