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Do You Have a Test Mentor?

A Praxis test mentor will help you develop the right study habits and test-taking strategies for success.
A mentor offers a great service in terms of answering questions, but he or she can also provide you with a system you can use to prepare for the exam.
-These systems typically consist of Praxis 2 study guides, tips and strategies as well as sample Praxis II practice tests that you can use during preparation.
Using your Praxis II study system and a mentor, you can make the most of your preparation and ultimately save yourself time and money! -Those who work with a Praxis 2 test mentor have better chances of success.
Test preparation systems are designed to help test takers pass.
They won't just teach about the test, they give tips and strategies to ensure their students are prepared as much as possible.
Mentors and systems publicize their rate of success, and you will often find that the number of passing test takers who use a Praxis study guide and mentor is higher than the number of people who don't use any preparation system.
What does that tell you? -Look for a test mentor who uses current and up-to-date test preparation materials.
Not all mentor and Praxis test preparation systems are created equal.
Many of the resources you will find aren't up to date, and some are up to three or four years old!With actual exams being updated more frequently than that, you will want more current materials that show you what's on the test for the year you are taking it.
An old question means you can potentially be studying eliminated topics or be missing out on topics that have been added or revised.
-A test mentoring system helps you understand the pitfalls that many students encounter when preparing for and taking the Praxis exam.
You can't prepare for what you don't know about or haven't thought about.
A Praxis II test preparation system not only gives you tips and strategies for the exam, it will also give you tips on reducing your anxiety and fear on test day.
Getting a test mentor will help you pass the Praxis II exam - it's that simple.
Why take chances with your success?When you realize that failing the exam can cost you almost a year of salary, it just makes good sense to invest into yourself to ensure you have the best possible chance of succeeding in the exam.

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