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Is Being Religious Enough to Qualify For a Think Tank?

Not long ago, someone who was very religious asked to join our Online Think Tank, now mind you we have a strict criteria in that one must be well-versed in several human endeavors, industries, fields, areas of science or have had a huge amount of observational experience and or done something spectacular.
With that said, well we do not accept just anybody, no we are not elitists by any stretch of the imagination, but we are into winning and that means solving the problems which plague mankind.
It would be arrogant to think that someone coming from only a religious background could automatically be accepted into our group of accomplished individuals.
And yet this gentleman said, "I come from a different perspective and one you need.
" Interestingly enough we have many religious folks in our group, yet they do not go around preaching to everyone they meet or over others to elevate themselves.
So, we asked them:
When you say that you come from a different perspective; are you meaning "god" based and if so what do you believe you can bring to the table that has not been written in the past 2000 years of Western Philosophy?
Simple enough and yet he retorted that he believed humanism was a religion and that if that is the basis for the think tank it cannot work.
Perhaps it is and yet we said nothing of the sort.
To believe that our think tank is filled with humanists, is simply labeling without knowledge of what is.
You see, we are not necessarily attempting to come from a "humanistic standpoint" however, we are attempting to stay away from solving problems using a mythical Santa Clause scenario or Religious Superstitions as a basis, more as a component on the perception side of the solution.
Understanding of course, that you must take the human belief system in the present period into consideration when designing systems for humans or solving their problems and yet since most of the problems were caused by such religious mindsets, perhaps it is best to understand that as well? Interestingly enough we most likely agree on thousands of topics and the "teach a man to fish" concept, however most likely disagree on where the power of the individual comes from.
Speaking from personal accomplishments and comparing that to the norm, "Cannot" or "Can't" has not entered the vocabulary at the Think Tank nor in my personal life.
"Can do" works for me best.
You see, being religious is perhaps noble from your perspective and it is considered a good trait by you, but that simply by itself is not enough.
Think Tanks need well-rounded people to discuss diverse topics and the ability to solve problems.
Sincerely, Lance.

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