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How To Attract Girls - Six Top Ways

Developing technique for how to attract girls just has a lot of guys completely lost.
That is because most men even men of all ages do not understand how women think.
Men are the hunters and gathers we think in the material world.
Women when comes to the affairs of the heart think in the feelings and emotional world.
Stop and think about this for just a minute.
Men are first attracted to girls by the look and body shape, material.
Women are more interested in the personality, mannerisms and behavior before looks.
Therefore, men want to apply the men's viewpoint on women and this is where they go total wrong.
Attracting girls can be learned and apply in most social situations.
With the firm grasp of this knowledge and understanding of the female psychology the average man can learn how to attract girls.
How many guys do you know that want a certain girl only to impress the other guys.
What is this guy thinking, he is thinking about himself how he will look to other people.
This is no way to base the start of any relationship.
Usually, most men out grow this childish behavior but fall into an even worst mindset.
I will over compensate, make ones self-out to be bigger than he really is, lying.
Once down this road you can never return and fix the damage.
Cheesy one-liners and corny jokes this is also a big mistake, because you have just shot your one and only first impression.
All of this just starts the rejections, doubt, frustration and confusion.
There is a very simple answer to this how to attract girls dilemma.
Be Yourself Just be yourself, which is who you really are and you can do that part better than anyone.
You don't to remember any lies, lines or keep up an act.
With this you can just relax and have some fun.
If this girl does not like you that is OK there are some many girls out there and there is one just for you.
So just keep being yourself and meeting girls and having fun and the right one will pop up right before your eyes.
This one will like who you are and will want to share your time and you will enjoy her time as well.
That was the hard part now you can just enjoy the moment and keep meeting girls.
Communication Ask her, tell her just be real and in the moment.
Funny is good but not goofy.
If you can't be funny then smile and talk, slow down.
Most of all get her talking, get her laughing and get her smiling.
Then have a plan make a move what is next; get her number, ask her out, meet her somewhere something just have a follow up plan.
Keep smiling and be yourself most of all have fun.
This isn't brain surgery or war it is fun meeting and greeting relax and go with the flow of the moment.
Manners This is a lost art most guys think this is just plain silly and old fashion.
You know manners never go out of fashion rude boorish, nasty, and superior attitudes will only get you dumped but ban for life from that girl club.
I don't mean to say that you drool all over the poor girl one compliment after another keep it to a limit.
You have to give her some room to breath.
She wants to see who you are and what your plans are.
Your Looks This may seem like a no brainer but, show, shave and comb the mop.
Smell good not to over powering.
You don't have to be movie star good looks.
Just be presentable and clean.
Find your style look at what other guys are wearing and try to find something that you look good in and portray an appeal that she would like.
Just do your best it will work.
Surprise Her I think this is so important to learn in how to attract a girl.
You're talking for the first time and if you think this could be a good fit, just out of the blue say let go over here and get a coffee, coke, sandwich whatever.
Take her hand and just stand there if she wants to she will step forward if not watch her expression.
If not just say, I thought it might be fun.
After you have dated a few times bring her a one small flower or a small gift a picture of you etc.
This always gets the girl right in the heart.
Keep things surprising all through your relationship even if it's 50 years.
Man Up, This part must be understood.
She is looking for a guy to take her by the hand have a plan and act like a man.
Be strong even if you're a 90-pound weakling act strong, strong behavior and actions.
Girls do not like whinier, wussy, weak, submissive girlie men.
Be Dominate in actions, example; well where do you want to go, I don't care, me either, well you tell me blabbbbb.
Stop it, hey I thought we would go to Jack place and have a burger.
She will tell you if that's not good but she will like that you have a plan, man and are decisive.
These are a few of my basic tips how to attract girls.
You can get much more just go check out my link below.
Have a great day and keep your chin up there are plenty of fish in the sea.
Best Regards Joe B.

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