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Beyond Competition

We know the famous tale of the race between the hare and the tortoise.
The hare, having taken things for granted, loses the race to the tortoise.
The moral of the story is never to get overconfident.
A good moral! There's an interesting extension of the story in circulation.
The day after the race, the hare becomes introspective and decides to show his mettle.
He proposes to the tortoise that they have another race.
The tortoise agrees.
What do you think was the result this time? Obviously, the hare didn't make any mistakes this time.
He won the race and told the tortoise that the latter's earlier success was merely an accident.
Moral: Your victory is guaranteed if you give your best without underestimating your rivals.
That isn't the end.
The tortoise's ego was hurt.
He felt the urge to prove that he wasn't so insignificant.
The next day, he proposed a third race, but to a different destination in the jungle.
The hare agreed without knowing that the route had a stream to be crossed.
Up to the stream, he ran much faster than the tortoise, but there, he was held up.
He was not a swimmer, you see! He had to watch helplessly as the tortoise came there hours after him, cross the stream and win the race.
Moral: Your victory once doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to repeat the trick every time everywhere.
Victory is a function of skills.
When there's a new assignment, you might probably need to upgrade yourself to skills of a higher plane.
That is not the end either! The three races made the hare and tortoise thoughtful.
Both could now see their strengths and shortcomings clearly.
The tortoise can never run as fast as the hare.
The hare is never going to be as good a swimmer as the tortoise.
That gave them an idea.
How would it be if they worked together and supplemented their strengths in good will? They discussed it and had an understanding.
Then on, wherever they had to go, they went together.
On the land, the hare would run with the tortoise on his shoulders.
When there was water, the hare would carry the hare on his back.
They reached the destination at the same time, with the same speed.
Both win, because there is no race at all! That's what we call team work! True, competition helps you to get the best out of you.
But at the same time, on its negative side, it can make you wicked, jealous and spiteful.
The world is a place with people who are blessed with different talents.
Nobody's perfect.
If only we could become open-minded enough to regard one another as complements instead of competitors, not only does it make us better people but also does it help to make the world a better place.
Team work is an evolved form of competition in which everyone can be a winner.
That's what Jawahar Lal Nehru probably meant when he said, "Peace is indivisible, so is freedom, so is prosperity and so also is disaster in this one world which can no longer be divided into isolated fragments.
" What do we want? The well-being of a few or of every one of us?

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