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What"s the Best Way to Organise Your Office Storage Systems?

A lot of business owners find it hard to get their paperwork under control and sometimes, if you leave it too long, you can end up with a nightmare on your desk.
However, there are a few tips that not all business owners think of which can reduce the chances of a massive paperwork pile up.
Office storage solutions are an essential but there's a way to organise things that should help you massively.
First things first, you need to get yourself a filing cabinet.
There's no way of avoiding this - you simply have to have one if you have a lot of paperwork.
So, depending on your needs, you can get a small two drawer filing cabinet or a larger 4 drawer filing cabinet and this should help you at least organise the majority of things.
It's a good idea to buy suspension files to use in your filing cabinet - don't just use your office storage like a trash can either - file everything properly.
If you already have a mountain of paperwork to go through I'm afraid the only thing you can do, to get things under control, is set aside a few hours or a day to go through it all and set it all straight.
So, you've got your filing cabinet and you've got your paper work all set up.
Ok, so what categories should you use? A lot of the time, people don't have enough categories set up in their filing cabinets and this is half the problem.
Start by setting up a file for simple things like Utilities, Council Tax, Client Invoices etc and work from there.
If you work from home, you may also want to set up a personal file or two with things like receipts from shopping or whatever.
Once you've done this, you can then organise your paperwork properly and have a file for everything - even if it's only got one piece of paper in there - at least it's organised.
Ok, so now one of the most important files to have is the "urgent bills" file.
This you should place at the front of your office storage so that you can reach it or check it everyday with ease.
Having this small file ready and waiting for bills is the best way to ensure you don't get a pile up.
Simply add your bills as you get them through the door and as soon as they're paid, place them into their appropriate folder in the back of your filing cabinet - it's as simple as that but boy does it work!

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