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Followership Is Leadership

We all want to be leaders.
What we fail to realize is that we must be even better followers to be effective leaders.
If you are unable to follow you will be unable to lead.
What is followership? Can it be more important than Leadership? Truth is that without being an effective follower we can never be good leaders.
Followership is leadership.
Throughout my leadership studies and practice I came to realize that I have failed to look from the perspective of a follower.
The concepts I learned in followership proved to not only help guide me as a follower but as a leader as well.
I reflect back on past experiences and familiarize myself with the things I have learned to understand what is effective, what is not effective, and concepts I could improve upon.
Being a follower is not about taking orders or making your boss happy in doing his or her bidding.
It boils down to being supportive of our leaders and doing the right thing.
We all have a voice and the ability to lead ourselves and others no matter what position we may be in.
We can exercise the option of supporting those around us and standing up for what is right.
It is a choice.
"It is hard to have leadership when you have a divided followership" -Joseph Badaracco How would you expect your direct reports behave and support you? You should do the same for your leadership.
Support and influence your peers to do the same.
We can better support the followership role in gaining an understanding and applying the supportive and participative behavior patterns.
Get involved in what is happening around you.
Don't just let others do things or take on responsibilities...
become part of the team and be a part of the process even when your not expected to.
You may learn something! The largest impact we could make as a follower and leader alike is controlling our own behaviors which whole heartedly affect the psychological reactions of others.
A positive environment will increase morale and interpersonal relationships.
But it is up to YOU to create this environment even if you are not filling a leadership role.
As a follower, you can have just as much influence on your managers and your peers.
I have said it before and I will say it again here, only through changing yourself will you be able to change others.
It is easy to point the finger at others and in doing so you become no better yourself.
That doesn't make much sense does it? Drop the negative outlook and set the stage for others to follow.

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