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Why Practice Different and Divergent Forms of Thinking?

As the coordinator for a think tank I've had numerous dialogues on human thought processes and the different types of thinking from analytical to creative and so on.
Depending on how you've formatted your brain or how you reach various conclusions and how you reason you will become good at your methods and style of thinking.
Still, if you will jump out of your box and practice divergent ways of thinking, well, I bet you will grow your ability and mental acuity.
Okay so let's talk shall we? I'd like you to try something.
Next time you are with a group of friends, and everyone decides on the same direction or choice; stop everyone for a moment and ask them specifically how they came to that conclusion, what criteria they used, and how they got there.
I think what you'll find is although you came to the same conclusion as one or two of your other friends, that you got there a totally different way, using a totally different thought process.
In fact, you took different issues into consideration, and yet you all came up with the same answer.
Why do you think this is? It is because there is more than one way to think, and more than one way to reason.
Also, just because someone thinks differently to get to a conclusion, doesn't mean they'll have the wrong answer.
Likewise, someone can use your same style of thinking, and come to an opposite conclusion.
To prevent you from making a mistake in your life, it makes sense to have divergent forms of thinking, and go ahead and test your conclusion and criteria against another different way of thinking.
If you keep coming to the same conclusion using multiple ways to get there, chances are your conclusion is pretty sound, and therefore should be your final answer.
It is amazing how many different ways of thinking there actually are, in fact I am quite positive you will be surprised to learn just how many there are.
If you doubt the many types of thinking, I'd suggest that you go to WikiPedia and look up "List of thought processes," and see for yourself.
It starts with two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and abstract thinking, and takes you all the way through to vertical thinking, visual thinking, and using your working memory.
So, when you are done you will have read the names of more than 120 different types of thinking.
It would be difficult for anyone to be good at all of them, but the more you expose yourself to these things the better you will get at it - thinking that is.
In fact, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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