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Showing More Gratitude - Gratefulness Is A Great Place to Be

I want you to always remember that there is always an opportunity to complain and murmur about something.
You name it, there is something to complain and find the negative in.
It's sad that we live in a society that can always find the negative in everything, but when you think about it thoroughly, it takes so much energy and time to be negative.
Think about it.
When you complain, how does it make you feel? Do you feel all warm and bubbly on the inside? Do you feel any joy? Does it make you feel good? Better yet.
Does it bring good things and people your way? I ask because I want you to reflect on how your negative complaints and murmurs have brought negativity into your own life.
As humans, like attracts like.
We draw those things, people, and opportunities into our lives based upon what we focus on most.
So if your inner spirit/self thrives on negativity, that is naturally what you are inviting (literally) into your life.
Do you ever notice that when you are in a place of peace, joy and harmony, you feel great and positive? You feel like you can conquer the world.
The reason that you feel that way is because; you have allowed your inner spirit to soar to a place where all things are possible.
When we allow our spirits (inner wo(man)) to remain in a place of positivity, we invite our brains to receive internal and external abundance.
It's true.
Once I began to focus on my emotions and feelings and became conscious of my where I was internally, my world changed.
I noticed that when I was complaining, I felt "ucky" and just overall horrible, but when I get in a place of gratefulness, I feel like everything and everyone negative in my space does NOT matter! Gratefulness is what I want to fill you with on today.
Gratefulness says that although I don't have what I want or desire right at this very moment, what matters is what is now.
Gratefulness also says that I am blessed and enriched just by the love that surrounds me.
You see, getting into a place gratefulness especially in the midst of a challenge or something negative will cause you to reflect on what is positive now.
Gratefulness asks "What is right?" instead of answering what is wrong.
It takes you from a place of frustration and discourse to place of peace, tranquility, and destiny.
In relation to creativity, it opens you up.
You get more ideas, great opportunities come your way and much more.
I challenge you to be conscious of your emotional state at all times.
I also encourage you to get in a place of gratefulness when you feel frustrated, anxious, angry, sad, and uncomfortable.
Right now, I want you to reflect: What are you grateful for at this very moment? Think, ponder, search from within.
Right where you are.
You could be at work, home, school, wherever you are, ask yourself "what am I grateful for?" Don't think too hard.
Just allow it to flow.
What are you most grateful for overall? Feel free to include opportunities, income, creativity, etc.
Be very specific as to why you are grateful.
It creates and paints a picture which puts you in an even greater mood and will open up so much positivity your way.
Who are you grateful for and why? Is it your spouse, parent, sibling, friend, mentor, coach.
Consider who impacts your life in a positive manner.
Who evokes the greatness within you to come forth? Who supports you in all of your positive endeavors? Get into a quiet space and answer the above questions and just allow the answers to flow.
There is no right or wrong answer as long as it is positive.
Do not limit yourself either.
Just once, allow your inner voice to speak loudly and watch how your whole life changes since you have taken the first step.

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