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How to Get Along with People

I am so proud of you that you decided to read this article.
The fact that you are willing to learn new things proves that a bright future is waiting for you! A great person is a person who is open to learning new things.
You will achieve great things in life once you learn this skill.
So smile and enjoy the reading.
What is one of the most important skills that you need to have in life if you want to be rich and enjoy your life to the fullest? It's the skill on how to get along with people.
Why's that important skill to have? If you can not get a long with people if you can't keep your job very long, you can not make clients to keep your business alive, you can't even keep a girlfriend or boyfriend long enough because you can't get a long with him/her and your marriage will be torn apart because you can't get along with your spouse.
Learn how to get long with people will excel you to a different level of income.
When you know how to get along with people at work, you will be more likely to be promoted! When you know how to get along with people, you will have a better marriage and relationship! When you know how to get along with people, your business clients will want to use your service over and over again.
I had the privilege to help manage an evangelistic meeting in Bismarck, North Carolina in September 2005.
My clients and I were sitting at Denny's in Bismarck, North Dakota, both of my clients told me that they kept having a bad time at Denny's for some reasons the servers didn't serve them quick enough and they were being ignored every time they went to Denny's.
I never had that experience after I learned how to get along with people, because as soon as I arrive at a restaurant, I will try to find out the server's name right away! People will love you if you can call and spell their name correctly.
I also give an acceptable amount of tip after I order my food and tell them "Thank you for your great service, I really appreciate it.
" Listen to this carefully to this, "I give the tip after I order my food, not after I eat my food.
" I also thank them in advance for the great service! I expect them to give me a great service and I give them the tip, now the server knows that he/she is expected to give me a great service.
They are also paid in advance to give me a great service.
What do I get? I get a great service.
Smile to the server as soon as you are being seated, respect them and treat them with kindness.
90 percent of the time, the server wants to hang around me for a long time and they keep asking me if I have enough to drink! I like what Earl Nightingale said, "We get what we put up.
" If we expect everything is going to fall apart, guess what? Everything will most likely to fall apart.
It's like self-fulfilling prophecy.
If you want people you treat you with respect, start treating other people with respect.
Everybody has a sign in their forehead that says "I am important, so treat me as I am an important person.
" If you ignore that sign, most people won't likely to like you.
I also met and had the chance to talk to a gentleman who wasn't very friendly when I first met him, but after asking him about what he does and his family.
He started to open up.
Later on, I found out that he works for the federal government loan program.
He talked to me for an hour and told me his entire life story.
His wife had to ask him to go home after an hour, so she could go home.
I learned a lot about what kind of business to start in Bismarck, North Dakota just by listening to him.
People don't care about you, until they know you care about them! A wise man can turn an enemy into friends.
If you have a Bible lying around somewhere, read the whole entire book of Proverbs.
The book is not that long andthe book will teach you how to get along with people.
People also will like you immediately when they know that you listen to them.
If you are a bad listener and you love to talk too much while your business client is trying to talk to you, there will be a great chance that your client will not use your business.
You need to how to become an active listener.
Invest the time and money to learn how to become an active listener.
It will pay you a great dividend! It's short article, but believe me, if you know how to get along with people well.
You will soar like an eagle in your career, business and relationship!

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